Future prospects

  • Receiving and implementing user feedback.
  • Incorporating more sources:  inscriptions (continued);  artifacts and archeology;  pilgrims' accounts and chronicles, and more languages.  
  • Introducing tools for spatial analysis. The mapping of the locations mentioned in the documents is already under way; this will provide the means for a new reading of the patterns of Frankish settlement, range and daily life. 
  • Interfacing with other databases of related source material, in other regions or in other periods in the Levant (for example, the 'Islamization of Palestine' database currently underway).
  • Interfacing with databases dealing with other aspects of the crusades, such as 'material culture' and other digital humanities projects in medieval studies. 
  • Increasing the interaction between the digital humanities and crusade studies. 
  • Introducing an innovative and open-access teaching tool to increase the appeal and accessibility of crusade studies to new generations of students.  

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